COVID-19 Message

Due to COVID-19, we are following statewide regulations set forth by the Executive Order. Social distancing is to be implemented at all establishments, and due to the smaller environment of our office, we have put new rules in to place to keep our staff and customers safe during this difficult time.

Check-in and Check-out, as well as tours are still between the normal 7-9am and 5-7pm time slots. The office is now a 1 person in, and 1 person out area. To comply with social distancing requirements, we ask that you wait out on the bench or walk your dog until someone exits the office while waiting for your appointment. Masks are required until further notice. If you have children, please keep them in your car where they are safe. We are also offering curbside pickup, this is what we are suggesting for folks who have children, or are ill, or do not want to risk getting out of your car. You simply would call the office when you've arrived for your appointment, and tell them what car you are in. The employee will then come to get your pet from your car.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us here at Circle Kennels, during this trying time. Please know that gift certificates are still available, and if you plan to book this summer, fall, or winter, you can prepay for that time now! We very excited to see everyone and your furry friends!

Please know that daycare has reopened, again for appointment only drop off and pick up times. If you are at home, and your furry friends seem overexcited all day, they could benefit from some time with their friends. We have daycare packages available. If you are a First Responder, please call for your discounted rate!

Thank you again, and look forward to seeing you!

Vicki, Frank + Circle Kennels staff

Hours Daily Check-in & Check-Out 7am – 9am & 5pm – 7pm
Location 15432 Woodbine Morgan Road Woodbine, MD 21797 Directions