My dogs love Circle Kennels. Walks are part of the regular routine, which is unusual for most kennels. The kennels are clean. The pick-up and drop-off times are extremely convenient. They have a great play program and Roxy can't wait to get in her kennel. It's like "Bye, mom, see ya! Gotta see my friends." We have used Circle Kennels for at least 5 years and couldn't be more pleased.

— Joyce K.

My 1 year old Ginger has been loving Circle Kennels! She gets excited when she goes anywhere in the car, but she gets extra excited when she gets there!! I love the outside walks several times per day and the playtime she gets with other dogs. She is super duper friendly and social and needs to be with other dogs, but not too many at one time!! They do a great job with her and she always smells good and is super soft when I pick her up. Awesome!

— Kristin D.

I am so thankful that I could take my two dogs there and know that they would be well cared for. Circle kennels is hands down the best kennel around!

— Lindsey H.

We use these kennels every time when we travel because the dogs are consistently well cared for. I was also impressed how warm their heated indoor areas are in winter.

— Amanda L.

Circle Kennels is the only place I will take my little Pomeranian. I have lived here for almost 2 years and been bringing my dog to Circle Kennels since fall 2011. The staff is very friendly and very accommodating to both the pet and the owner. They allow you to walk back and see the kennels, which are fairly decently sized and kept clean. The facility is temperature controlled, so no freezing in the winter or heatstroke in the summer. They offer grooming services, which is off site, but greatly appreciated. I travel frequently so it is comforting to know that my dog will be well cared for and it won't cost me an arm and a leg. I highly recommend Circle Kennels to anyone needing boarding services.

— Traci P.

We have used several kennels in the past, and this is the first one in awhile from which our dogs have returned very happy. They do not charge additional amounts for a "walk" - they are let out several times a day. I did request a bath at the end of their stay, but both of my dogs came home clean, well adjusted and the same weight they were when I dropped them off (In the past they haven't eaten the entire time we were away ). I also boarded a cat who can be very fickle, but came home happy (in the past he has come home and been mad at us for a couple days!). I even called mid week to check on them and they immediately knew the dogs and cats name and gave me a nice update. Will definitely return!

— M. R.

My pups love going to Circle Kennels! Everyone is super friendly. The place is clean. I have peace of mind when they are there.

— Karen S.

The very first visit I had with Circle Kennels was the first time I have had to board my dog (he was 9 years old and was very nervous), he also had just been put on medicine for a skin allergy. They were great with making sure he received his meds and when we picked him up he looked so cute and happy in his bandana! It made me smile. I enjoyed the "family" atmosphere as well. I highly recommend.

— Amber H.

We have been taking our dogs to Circle for years. We call it their trip to the country. Never a problem and the dogs seem happy and healthy when we pick them up. Our current dog, a mini schnauzer, can be a little aggressive, but the staff seems more than qualified to handle her. We travel more now that the kids are gone, and it puts my mind at ease to have such a good place to leave my fur baby.

— Linda R.

We have a 2 year old Beagle named Abby that does not like the wife and I to leave anywhere. We were so glad when we found Circle Kennels. We have left her there when we went away and they took really good care of her. When we returned from our trips and picked her up, she was in great spirits and seemed to be really happy :). It's comforting to know we can leave and she will be in the good hands of people that really care about the pets that most of us consider family. As long as they are in business, we will never leave her anywhere else. Thank you Circle Kennels.

— Wayne & Michelle E.

My dog loves it! She jumps straight up & down like a pogo stick when she gets there. She goes every day & never tires of it. She is the best one to ask about how good it is!

— Gerald S.

I've been taking my two dogs to Circle for years. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my fur babies! The owner, Vicki, is always so sweet and the facility is clean and inviting. 5 star service every time!!

— Ryan I.

We boarded our "Senior Dog" again but this time for almost 3 weeks. Annie has joint issues and has special needs as she has a hard time on smooth surfaces. The staff was very accommodating and made sure that she had rubber backed rugs to walk on to avoid slipping. She also is on medications that would be evident if she missed a dose or two. We know that she was given her meds as instructed each day. This is the only kennel that we have ever used that our dog just walks right in like she's going to camp. She is actually happy to be there. I have used other kennels where her body language is totally different. Love the convenient check-in/check-out times. We have boarded her there multiple times and she has ALWAYS been well taken care of as well as clean and healthy when we picked her up. The staff is so caring and loving. My dogs are like my kids so I am very picky about boarding. I have tried other kennels but I would not recommend any that I have previously used; none compare to the special care and attention that they get at Circle Kennels. We have been using Circle Kennels for years and highly recommend them.

— Sue P.

We have taken our two dogs to Circle Kennels several times per year for the past eight years, and have always been extremely satisfied. The owners, who live on the premises, are very nice, knowledgeable, and certainly show that they really love animals. The facility is clean, has plenty of space in the individual dog kennels, a large indoor play area and lots of space outdoors. When we come to pick up our dogs, they have always been fine, happy, and have obviously been cared for well. We definitely plan to continue using Circle Kennels and highly recommend it.

— D.H.

We have been boarding Ringo at Circle Kennels ever since we adopted him in 2010. He loves going to "doggy camp" as we call it. He plays with other dogs in the daycare room and comes back very happy, albeit tired. Ringo is normally skittish around people who come to our home, but readily goes with all the employees there. He even lets them bathe him. Vicki runs a great place! I have recommended this kennel to friends and will continue to do so.

— Ingrid H.

My dog has been going to Circle Kennels for the past 8 years and I have never had a problem. The staff is always friendly and my dog is always well cared for. I like the fact that he is walked several times a day just like he is at home. The drop off and pick up times are very convenient. The kennels are spacious and clean. My dog is always as clean when picked up as when he was dropped off, which to me means he was taken outside regularly. I highly recommend this kennel.

— Patti L.

Hours Daily Check-in & Check-Out 7am – 9am & 5pm – 7pm
Location 15432 Woodbine Morgan Road Woodbine, MD 21797 Directions